My Day-Job

I make my living as an acquisitions editor for Apress, a publishing imprint of Springer, which is part of the Springer Nature Group. We are one of the world's largest and most influential publishers on science and technology topics.

For a quick read on who I am, I can do no better than point you toward my bio done in pictures. It's a bit dated. I no longer drive ambulance, and the kids are adults now. Someday I'll update the image.

My Professional Bio

Jonathan Gennick is an Apress Assistant Editorial Director with responsibility for database topics. He is line-leader for Apress' Oracle and SQL Server lines. He also publishes carefully-chosen database books of a general nature. He maintains a keen interest in books across all lines that touch upon relational databases.

Honored to have a seat

Honored to have a seat

Prior to his editorial career, Jonathan rose to the rank of Manager at KPMG Consulting (now BearingPoint). There he delivered development and system integration services to state and local government clients. He was noted for his troubleshooting skills and his ability to smoothly navigate the oft-turbulant waters between client management, consultants from competing firms, and client technical personnel. Jonathan has experience with languages and technologies such as Mumps, COBOL, Powerbuilder, and various assembly-languages. He is well-known and widely-published for his expertise with Oracle Database and the attendant languages SQL and PL/SQL.

In his off hours, Jonathan looks to family and community. He serves actively in his local church as First Elder. He enjoys teaching a weekly Sabbath School class to older teens. He is an avid mountain-biker and trail builder, and a member of the Munising Bay Trail Network. For several years he served his local community as an Emergency Medical Technician for the Alger County Ambulance Service.


Sometimes you find nice things when ego surfing. I've decided to begin keeping a list:

Jonathan the Writer

Excited to be Apress!

Excited to be Apress!

You might already know that I'm a published author, having written several books on Oracle Database, SQL and SQL*Plus, and PL/SQL. I've also written numerous articles for Oracle Magazine (beginning in 1999 and going through sometime in 2006). Visit my books page to learn more about the books I've written. 

My day-job is to be what is termed in publishing as an Acquisitions and Developmental Editor, or Ack-Dev for short. I'm constantly in search of writing talent and topic ideas, and work with authors to produce good books on what I hope are up-and-coming topics. My editorial output extends back over a decade.  

Writing and being published has been one of the best things to happen in my life. Someday I really ought to write an article to share the impact that writing has had on me. In the meantime, here's a tidbit for you: I lived in a second- or third-hand, single-wide trailer in a mobile-home park when my first book came out. 

Jonathan the Yooper

In October 2000, I fulfilled a life-long dream of living "up north" by moving to the City of Munising in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (U.P.). The city name is pronounced "mew-nih-sing", with emphasis on the first syllable. The location is in the central U.P. on the south shore of Lake Superior. Look just below South Bay on the following map:


Opportunities for outdoor recreation abound. Nearby we have the Hiawatha National Forest, the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and the Grand Island National Recreation Area, just to name a few. It's also a blessing to live in a small town with a sense of community where people know and recognize you as you go about your daily business. I like that aspect of Munising a lot.

What Else?

My site's an eclectic mixture of the personal and the professional. Just prowl around a bit. You'll get a better sense of Jonathan the person. Thanks for visiting.