This is a Red heading.

The above heading sits in a code block. This text you are reading now sits in a regular text block. to the lies an image of my favorite bicycle.


This is a Green heading.

Here is a green heading. Same technique. Heading in a code block. And now here is a text block. And to the left is my other favorite bicycle.

This is a Purple heading.

Purple is for fun, so here is a photo of me a few years back on a young friend's BMX pit bike. 


This is an Orange heading.

To the left is a screenshot of the code block content for the color purple. I used color names for this quick example. You can also use hexadecimal color numbers like #FF00FF and so forth. And you can use the RGB notation like RGB(255,0,255, 0.7). That last number controls transparency and isn't something I normally use in headings, but Squarespace colors often make use of it.