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Knowing the truth of our origins is important. Our future is bound up in our past, and whether we a short or a long future depends upon our getting to a correct view of our past and how we came to be where we are today. I explore the issues and defend creation in my blog posts that follow. 

Creation Resources

Following are some of my favorite sites offering evidence and defending the truth of creation as described in the Book of Genesis:

Letters to My Son

When my son began high-school, I wrote a series of letters to encourage and strengthen him:

  1. Danger, Wil Robinson!
  2. Blowing Bubbles
  3. What Do You Know?
  4. Hickory Dickory Dock!
  5. Are We Alive Yet?

Letters two through four debunk the origin myths falsely presented as facts in his high-school textbook. The first warns of what he is likely to confront as he enters an atheistic school system for the first time.

Affirming Creation

Friday, August 15 saw the kickoff of my denomination's International Conference on the Bible and Science. Adventist educators from around the world came together in St. George, Utah to study and affirm creation as described in Genesis. 

The Adventist Review reported on the event with a series of posts that every member should read:

  1. Wilson: No Room for Evolutionists in Adventist Schools
  2. God's Authoritative Voice
  3. Grand Canyon offers Adventist Teachers a Lesson on Creation
  4. Teachers Urged to Think Outside the Evolutionary Box
  5. Neanderthals the Result of Biological Engineering?
  6. Adventist Schools Called to Become Global Scientific Leaders
  7. Wilson Urges All Adventists to Reaffirm Stance on Creation
  8. Blessed Is That Teacher
  9. 'God's Final Message and Your Role'
  10. Adventists Asked to Follow Example of First Recycler, God

Links to these posts are also available from the Review's Affirming Creation page.


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Big Bang Talking Points

Learn inflationary cosmology from the guy who invented it. Ars Technica. October 30, 2014. 
"Inflation is the only way we have of explaining how the Big Bang could possibly produce the Universe that we find ourselves in today." "Unfortunately, that result hasn't held up well under more intense scrutiny." "There may still be evidence of cosmic inflation, but it will be hard to spot." evidence for inflation has been found, yet Big Bangers still believe. Cosmic Inflation is a faith-based belief. The Big Bang rests on inflation, so the Big Bang is also a faith-based belief.

Universe Shouldn't Be Here, According to Higgs Physics. LiveScience. June 23, 2014.
Big Bang math not working out too well? We probably shouldn't be here? Not to worry. "Of course, there must be something missing from these calculations." LiveScience staff writer Tia Ghose shows in these words how the Big Bang is in fact a faith-based position. She also points out that "the theory of cosmic inflation is still speculative." Inflation is needed for the Big Bang to work, but inflation is "speculative", illustrating once again how Big Bang cosmologists use faith-based reasoning to build their theory. (Read the underlying paper, Electroweak Vacuum Stability in Light of BICEP2, in the journal Physical Review Letters).

Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble. The Journal Nature. June 3, 2014.
Points out that "...the inflationary paradigm is so flexible that it is immune to experimental and observational tests. ... Hence, the paradigm of inflation is unfalsifiable." And hence the paradigm is religion, and not science as is so often claimed. This article also debunks the gravitational waves that were so widely acclaimed as "proof" of the Big Bang just a few months ago in March. 

Universe is Not Expanding After All, Controversial Study Suggests. May 23, 2014. Yet another failure of the Big Bang theory. Sure, I'd imagine it's a controversial finding. This could be an issue of what is observed versus what is inferred. Still, it's interesting. 

The Sun Wasn't Warm Enough for Life When Life Began. Motherboard. October 5, 2013.
Recaps a paper published in the journal Science that puts paid to yet another attempt to dodge around the Faint Young Sun Paradox. The primordial oceans called for by my son's high-school science textbook could not have existed for life to form in them, because not enough sunlight would have reached Earth to support liquid water. Sorry long agers! Your primordial soup would have been frozen.

Facts and the Interpretation Thereof

Gliese 581g: A Black Eye for Believers in Habitable Earth-like Exoplanets. Evolution News and Views. July 11, 2014. Provides a good example of why it's important to look beyond the interpretation to what was actually observed versus what the media reports. NASA fabricated an enticing image. A University of California astronomer put the odds of life at 100%. Yet the planet was later found not to exist. 

Taiwan's 'vanishing canyon' erasing quake record. BBC News, Science & Environment. August 18, 2014. My blog post shows how this BBC News article confirms the concept behind historical science is very real, and points out the addiction of long-agers to their millions of years even when those years are not needed nor warranted. 

Dinosaur Talking Points

'Dreadnought' dinosaur yields big bone haul. BBC News, Science & Environment. September 4, 2014. This news item is interesting for its mentioning that: “The Patagonian rocks from which it [Dreadnoughtus] was pulled suggest that the young animal’s life was cut short in a catastrophic flood.” This finding is consistent with the history recorded in Genesis. There is the main flood event that we read about. There are also catastrophic regional floods such as from the ice dam holding back Lake Missoula that gave way during the post-flood ice age.

Choice Videos

My favorite is the Lucy video. Watch the Nova clip and see the lie of evolution laid bare at the point of a saw blade. Also excellent is Charles Jackson's exposition of problems in the Big Bang theory. Watch that one if you can spare an hour.

Also good are presentations from the 2014 Seattle Creation Conference, and from prior-year conferences

Lucy! The Scientific Approach

This video is too funny. Evidence for evolution not adding up? Just take a power saw to it. 

In the fascinating video "Lucy - She's No Lady", Dr. David Menton details a variety of reasons why we now know that the famous "Lucy" fossil really belonged to a family of knuckle-walking apelike creatures. This segment is taken from the end of the video, where Dr. Menton shows a clip of a PBS Nova series entitled "In Search of Human Origins".

Big Bang Cosmology is Fake

An excellent presentation by Dr. Charles Jackson given at an Origin Summit held at Michigan State University.

Dr. Charles Jackson reveals the current known problems with the Big Bang theory and why it is disingenuous to continue to teach it without talking about these issues.

The Central Dogma

One of the best videos I've seen on how molecular machines interact inside the human cell. 

The Central Dogma: From Genomic Information to Protein Synthesis is made by RIKEN Omics Science Center for the exhibition titled "Beyond DNA" held at National Science Museum of Japan. It illustrates how molecular machines interact each other in the central dogma by giving "Japanese robot-anime" style representation to the molecules.

Header image: The Creation by Lawrence W. Ladd, ca 1880. Watercolor on paper. Smithsonian American Art Museum. Gift of Bates and Isabel Lowry. 1986.70.12.