Are We Alive Yet?

One in a series of letters to my son that I wrote to strengthen him as he began his high-school years

Dear Son,

Cells are the foundational units of life. Pages 256-257 of your science textbook present "Precursors of the First Cells" as the wrap up to the section "How Did Life Begin?". But are we alive yet? Does the book manage to explain how life came to be? No, not yet. The section on how life began has failed to explain how life began."

The authors admit in paragraph 1 on page 246 that "there are enormous differences between simple organic molecules and large organic molecules found in living cells."  They further admit in the section's final paragraph on page 257 that "researchers do not yet understand how DNA, RNA, and hereditary mechanisms first developed." Pause now and let it sink in that your textbook authors are confessing that they offer no plausible explanation for how life began. They "do not yet understand." Those are their words, not mine. 

Your book does put forth the hypothesis that cells were preceded by structures such as microspheres that somehow replicated via RNA, without the need for DNA. Evolutionists need something like RNA-based replication because the DNA in cells we see today can only be replicated by components that are produced by executing code recorded in the DNA. 

If lightning strikes water and somehow creates a DNA molecule, then where do the components come from that can reproduce that DNA molecule? You get the components to reproduce the molecule by executing the code in the molecule, but you need those components first in order to execute the code. Do you see the problem? Evolutionists do, and they don't like the obvious answer that God created cells fully-formed and functional. 

Jonathan Safarti explains and refutes the so-called "RNA World" hypothesis better than I can in his article on Self-replicating enzymes. Also worth a read is The RNA World: A Critique by biologists Gordon C. Mills and Dean Kenyon. All three of these people are Ph.D. scientists who are well-educated and successful in the fields of chemistry and biology. 

Here we are at the end of the section on how life began, and we don't have life. We're dead in the primordial water, so-to-speak. The book fails at showing how living cells formed spontaneously. Why should you go on to the next section and believe what the authors say about cells evolving into more complicated life when those same authors can't even explain how the cells came to be in the first place? That's something to think about, isn't it?