Dishwasher Needed!

Things have been rather busy around the Gennick household of late. Donna's been sewing like crazy on Christmas gifts, and also on doll clothes that she sells at a local store. I've been heads-down getting C++ In A Nutshell ready for it's mid-January "to production" date.

Shortly after lunch today I was making a cup of coffee and realized that all of our coffee cups were dirty. Looking around at the kitchen, I was dismayed to realize that we hadn't done the dishes since the weekend. What an awful mess it was! Shuddering, I retreated downstairs to my office to bury myself in my work.

Imagine my complete and utter shock when Janet Santackas, O'Reilly Media's Cambridge Office Manager sent 'round the following email:

I really do hate sending emails out like this, but they are necessary.
All week long, the kitchen sink has been left with dirty dishes in it.
Please either wash them or put them in the dishwasher.

How ever did she know? Is there an Internet camera in my house I don't know about? Are my sins laid bare to the world? Perhaps so! After all, the Bible does say: "Be sure your sins will find you out." Sigh... Greatly shaken, and deeply humiliated, I trudged upstairs and lost no time in helping Donna get the dishes done. The following photos attest to my labors.

p.s.: I found out later that Janet had been referring to the sink in our Cambridge office. She had unthinkingly sent her note out company-wide, catching me out at home. But I deserved it!