Introducing the Priority Coast Beach Cruiser

Today I want to introduce the Priority Coast. This is a new bicycle in the beach cruiser style from my friends at Priority Bicycles. It's designed with their trademark focus on low-to-zero maintenance and being able to hop on and "just ride" at any moment. The bike is on Kickstarter now, with seventeen days remaining in a campaign that has blown past its goal three times over.

Disclaimer! This is a post to promote the bike. I’m writing this introduction to raise awareness because I am friends with the bike's creator and want the Priority Coast to succeed. Priority Bicycles has not solicited this post though, and the opinions are mine.

The Priority Coast is a one-speed bicycle with an upright riding position. It's suitable for relaxed riding on flat terrain such as you might find near an ocean beach, or an inland beach, or even just around your neighborhood.


A Coast on the coast


There are three things in specific that I like about this bike and how it's designed:

  • Gates Carbon Drive. The Priority Coast is a belt-driven beach cruiser. It's the only belt-driven bicycle in that style that I'm aware of. And we're not talking just any belt drive, but a Gates Carbon Drive, and Gates is the market-leader in the belt-drive space. 

No chain. No grease. No rust. No need for lube. No squeaking. And the belt will outlast any chain. 

  • Subdued Branding. I enjoy "blinging out" my bicycles by adding grips and pedals and other items in various colors. For that to work well requires the sort of subdued branding and single-color paint jobs that Priority Bicycles does so well all across their line. 

No garish colors or branding. Just clean looks like with a good suit -- that'll be in style forever.

  • U-Style Fender Stays. See how the fender stays wrap-around under the fenders in a sort of upside-down U-shape? It's a small thing, but I love how that shape gives the sense of the fenders not being an aftermarket add-on, which of course they aren't.

Fender stays that look designed into the bike. Nothing poking up, and no finicky bolts to fuss with. 


Like all models from Priority Bicycles, the Priority Coast is designed to be as low-maintenance as a bicycle can possibly be. Priority's signature use of belt drive eliminates worry over rusty chains and having to lube and clean them. 

I've been riding an eight-speed model from Priority Bicycles since last week. The belt drive is distinctive and gets attention. People will notice, and you'll have something to talk about.

All the parts down to the smallest bolts and nuts are made from aluminum or stainless steel; there is nothing to rust. Even the tires contribute to low-maintenance through a flat-resistant layer that all but eliminates worry over finding yourself out of air and having to push home. 

I cannot promise you'll never get a flat. Pinch flats are still a risk, and there will always be something out there that can penetrate the flat-resistant barrier. But the risk is greatly reduced to the point where I often ride on such tires without tools or a spare tube. 

Check out the Kickstarter page to learn more about the Priority Coast. Visit the Priority Bicycles website to learn more about their design principles and what they aim to achieve in the bikes they design. And scroll down to see what happens when you don't make your bike a Priority. 

Rusty handlebar. Rusty fender stay. Rusty chain. Three things you'll never see on a Priority Coast.

Rusty handlebar. Rusty fender stay. Rusty chain. Three things you'll never see on a Priority Coast.