Lost and Found Kittens

I wrote the following article in April 2000, and submitted it to Our Little Friend magazine. They rejected it because I wrote it in the first person. I always intended to rewrite it and resubmit it, but I never did. To my great surprise, they ended up publishing in the June 9, 2001 issue of Primary Treasure.  

Do you like animals? Do you have a pet? Did you know that God cares about you, and about your pet? He does. Do you believe that God answers prayer? He does that too. When I was a very young boy, God answered a prayer for me, and it was all because of two little kittens.

I was seven years old, and I wanted a pet. Many of my friends had pet dogs and pet cats, and I wanted one too. Finally one day, my mother went out and purchased two small kittens. One was for me, and the other was for my younger brother Raymond. We were thrilled. The kittens had yellow fur with white stripes. They were cute, they were cuddly, and we just fell in love with them.

We enjoyed playing with our kittens. Mine would sometimes curl up on my chest for a nap while I watched TV. Often we would take them outside in the backyard for some sunshine. It was great fun to watch them scamper about the yard. They would scratch their claws on our tree, or run and hide behind the bushes. Sometimes they would actually climb up the tree, and then mom or dad would have to help get them back down again. My brother and I loved our kittens a lot, just like God loves you a lot.

One day, my brother and I went looking for our two kittens, and we couldn't find them. We looked in all the bedrooms. We looked in the basement. We looked in the living room, but we could not find our kittens. They were gone! We didn't know what to do. We needed help, so we went and told mom.

Mom helped us search the house again. This time we looked under the beds, behind the couch, and around all the other furniture. We looked in the basement again, checking behind the boxes, behind the washing machine, and inside the closet underneath our stairs. We did not find our kittens.

My brother and I were very worried. We loved our kittens, and now they were lost. We wanted to find them again. We wanted to hug them again. Maybe the kittens had escaped out the door. My mother took us outside. We searched the backyard, and the front yard. We looked behind the bushes, and up in the trees. The kittens were nowhere to be found. In desperation, we walked all around the block, calling out for our kittens as we went. We talked to the neighbors, and looked in their yards, but we did not find our kittens.

My brother and I were in tears. We had come back into the house, and were sitting at the kitchen table choking back the tears, wondering what to do next, when my mother said: "children, we have forgotten to pray!" So we prayed. We kneeled down right there on the kitchen floor and we prayed that God would help us find our kittens.

After we prayed, we sat back down at the table. Suddenly, we were startled to hear a quiet "meow". Our kittens! But where were they? We heard it again -- "meow". It came from underneath the stove. We had an electric stove with a pot and pan drawer underneath. Quickly we pulled open the drawer, expecting to see our kittens. To our utter amazement the drawer was completely empty. There were no cats. Had we been hearing things? We were standing there dumbfounded when we heard it again -- "meeeoow". Ah, now we knew. The kittens weren't in the drawer, they were behind the stove. All this time they had been curled up together in a warm spot behind the stove taking a nap. I can tell you, we didn't waste any time getting dad to come over and pull the stove out from the wall so that we could get our kittens back.

So you see, God answers prayer. He cared about our lost kittens. He cares about you too, and about your family, and about your pets, and about your toys. Do you think that maybe God sent his angel to nudge our kittens, to wake them up after we prayed? I don't know now, but when I get to heaven I'm sure going to ask.