Making Discovery a Priority

One of my favorite travel activities is to get out and walk or bike to explore the area I'm visiting. The slower pace lets me absorb local flavor and see things I'd miss from an automobile. My Priority Eight from Priority Bicycles is perfect for exploring, and yesterday I made a delightful discovery about Cadillac, Michigan

The rock group KISS performed here in 1975.

It was at the Cadillac High School Homecoming event. Who knew? And even more interesting is the backstory leading up to that performance. Read about it on the monument I encountered just after leaving the Clam River Greenway and heading southwest around Lake Cadillac:

Monument outside the Cadillac, Michigan high school

Monument outside the Cadillac, Michigan high school

What a delightful discovery! What a fun piece of history to know about. 

Would I have noticed the monument from an automobile? I'd have surely been past it before my brain registered it as interesting. Then imagine a u-turn in traffic, the search for parking, and a walk from my parking spot to what I had u-turned to look at. Eh! I'd have just kept on driving, and would have missed knowing a fascinating bit of history.

Riding the Priority Eight made things so much easier: just stop the bike and read the sign.

Yesterday's discovery made a memorable connection for me. You see, I had just heard KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer speak at a technology conference in late April about a children's book project he is working on. Now I can connect him to the city in my home state where my son is attending Baker College. These connections are what make history alive and interesting. 

All because of a bike. 

So get out there. Walk. Bike. Look around. Discover.