Marking Darwin Day

Today is Darwin Day. Many are celebrating The Lie that we are creatures of random chance descended from an ancestor in common to trees and primates. Don't believe the lie. It's a lie that robs us of our status as beings in the very image of God and at the pinnacle of creation.

To my friends in Middle- and High-school, your textbooks are mandated  by law to teach a lie. Teachers who would share the truth are compelled by law to remain silent. Don't believe the lie. Read Genesis chapters 1 through 11 for some truth.

Richard Dawkins in his 1986 book The Blind Watchmaker says that "Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist." His words give away the lie. His goal isn't truth, but atheism. Dawkins wants to not believe, and he wants a lie convincing enough by which to deceive himself.

Darwin Day is one of sadness. We mourn those led astray, and the punishment awaiting. Those teaching Darwinism would do well to consider Jesus' words in Matthew 18:6-7, Luke 17:1-2, and Mark 9:42. Don't believe the lie, and don't teach it either. 

Darwin may have made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist, but Jesus makes (present tense!) it possible to live life forever, a life of peace and fulfillment without end. Learn more by visiting Creation MinistriesAnswers in Genesis, and the Institute for Creation Research, three of my favorite ministries proclaiming the truth of our origins. 

My header image on this post is of an 1889 lithograph showing a ceramic pitcher evolving into a baseball pitcher. Pitcher evolution. Darwin's evolution. Both are equally believable and equally "scientific". One provokes a good-natured chuckle. The other deceives toward death.