Morale is Up!

A month off from the war, and morale is up. Here is the fourth and last that I have of my dad's letters home during World War II. He may have written others. Only four have survived. 

Here's a scan of the letter followed by an easier to read transcription:

The letter is dated 28 May 1945, and it reads as follows:

Daer Mom & Dad,
Am getting along fine and hope everyone at home is doing the same. My morale is up pretty high because I will be home this July. I don't know for how long but the rumor service says at least 30 days. We should be able to celebrate the 4th of July together.
With all this excitement on points I think I should have got married before I got in the army, and made myself a few points. As is I only have 47 so that isn't even a drop in the bucket. 
If Jenny is in Philly I might stop off a couple of days & visit her, if I wind up on the East Coast somewhere. Otherwise I'll come straight home & drink a whole truck load of milk. 
Well I'll be signing off for now & may God bless you all. 
Your Loving Son,

Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day) was 8 May 1945. Dad's letter is from just 20 days later. The war in Europe is over and he's heading home for maybe a full month. No wonder morale is high!

My grandfather ran a milk distributorship business in Detroit at the time, and my father had grown up working and helping in that family business. Hence my father's reference to drinking "a whole truck load of milk" just before closing his letter. 

The reference to "points" in the letter is doubtless to the Advanced Service Rating Score. With only 47 points, my dad had apparently fallen into the category of troops to be redeployed to the Pacific.

Indeed, I have childhood memories of my dad many times commenting on how relieved he had been that V-J Day came while he was still in the States. He had been slated to go on to the Pacific Theater after his leave, but things wrapped up there quickly enough that he was never sent. A blessing, to be sure.