Praying, for the Win!

I am 1st Elder in my local congregation. This weekend I was leading our service and wanted to lift a local sports team up in prayer as we began our worship. But what to pray for? Praying for the win felt presumptuous. So I prayed for the team to "play well".

Because to play well encompasses all the things we want for our young people when competing:

  • To play to their skill level, remembering and doing what they have been taught
  • To play as a team, coordinating with and supporting each other
  • To play fairly, so as to be honorable and above reproach
  • To be generous in winning and graceful in defeat

Because to play well is something both teams can aspire to. A win against a team having an off-day is not so savory as a win against a team playing their best. A win when both teams are playing well is the sweetest win. And a loss when you're playing your best is not so bitter a thing. 

Because the win in a sporting event shouldn't be from divine fiat, but rather from having the skills when both teams are at their best. 

Because praying for a team to play well is an honorable prayer that can be granted to both sides.