Gifts and a Goad!

The Junior Sabbath School lesson for Sabbath, 5 October, 2008, was about spiritual gifts, how God gives them to us, how they equip us for the task to which God calls us. The Apostle Paul is an example of someone who had great gifts, but he got off to the wrong start and used them to go down the wrong path. Jesus gave Paul—then called Saul—a proverbial kick-in-the-rear on the road to Damascus. Paul realized the error of his ways and became just as dedicated towards spreading God's word as he had up 'til then been towards eradicating it.

Following are some photos showing how I taught this lesson. I like to be three-dimensional and hands-on in my teaching, keeping the kids active and involved. This lesson is one of my better efforts.


The basis for the lesson I've just gone over is the 4th quarter lesson 1 for 2008 from the PowerPoints series. I followed the lesson fairly closely, but threw in my own activities, and also a bit more emphasis upon the spiritual gift aspect.

If you're interested, Wikipedia has a short article explaining the goad. The sketch above of the plowers using a goad comes an image in the Wikipedia Commons. Finally, the Christadelphian Advocate website has an interesting article on the phrase "to kick against the pricks" ("prick" being a synonym for "goad").