Johnny-G in Jail?


If you work much with kids, you know that a certain amount of zaniness can help hold their attention and drive a point home. My Junior Sabbath School lesson today, 25 October 2008 was a recap of several prior lessons on service:

  • Service: Using God's Gifts

  • Service: By Accepting Others

  • Service: To the Least of These

  • Service: When Life Sucks (or in adversity)

For each lesson, I prepared a gimmick to help the kids remember, to drive the point home. My gimmick for service under adverse conditions was to wear an Alger County Jail uniform.

Why a jail uniform? Because we'd also been studying the Apostle Paul, who spent two years under house-arrest in Rome. Despite being charged as a criminal and living under guard, Paul worked to serve through his teaching, preaching, and healing. I wore the uniform to motivate the kids to meditate on the social stigma and the adverse conditions that Apostle Paul had to overcome.