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I'm #19 in the Top 50 Squarespace blogs.

A shout of thanks to Atomic Marketing for this honor.

If you like my blog, then you should be looking at what Sam and Dale have going on over on their blog at Atomic Marketing. You'll find a similar style of practical, hands-on, tech-oriented content to my own. Good stuff. Recommended!

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Here are posts on technology topics ranging from CSS to SQL Server, from Oracle Database to Squarespace. If a computer, programming, or a database is involved, here is where I put it.

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On this side you'll find my best thinking on topics ranging from scripture to creation science, from writing to bicycling. All my non-technology blog posts go on this side of the page.


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S A L E!   Special pricing in effect through Wednesday, August 31 in celebration of my being able to attend the first ever Squarespace Circle Meetup event, at Squarespace HQ in West Village, Manhattan. Buy now at just $5.99.

BUY THIS BOOK! I can’t recommend it highly enough. It will empower you to tweak your SS site with some easy - it will be eventually - CSS changes.
— Chuck Williams on
Learn CSS for Squarespace 7

Learn CSS for Squarespace 7 is a seven-chapter introduction to working with CSS on the Squarespace platform. The book is delivered as a PDF file that is readable from any Windows or Mac – or even Linux! -- computer. A complimentary sample chapter is available. Try before you buy.

View the complete description for more details.

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Link to Chuck Williams's site, his very nice blog post about the book, and his post on the Answers site.

I no longer feel totally lost trying to customize a few small things on Squarespace. Your book is a real treasure.
— Michael Startzman

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